The origin of Niagara Falls' famous FLYING SAUCER all began

a long time ago..

in a galaxy far, far away...

OK, not THAT far away. The history of FLYING SAUCER RESTAURANT began forty years ago with one local kid named Henry who had one BIG imagination! Fascinated with all things intergalactic, Henry would daydream about the latest science fiction movie he'd seen, while his boss at the diner begged him to get his head out of the stars.
Then, one day, Henry combined his talents as a restaurateur with his love of the unknown, and FLYING SAUCER DRIVE-IN materialized at its current location on Lundy's Lane in Niagara Falls.
The unique atmosphere really took off, and the FLYING SAUCER RESTAURANT expanded to include a full dining room. Then, about twenty years ago, a second “twin” saucer was built to accommodate more diners and a full take-out section.
So, what's in the future for the FLYING SAUCER? With the Lundy's Lane space filled to capacity.. it can only go UP from here!